In March of 2014 our team was attending ‘Lilly of the Valley’ church located about 15 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. After the service a young woman approached us with a request. She had heard of the Milagro Initiative’s Scholarship Fund and asked if there was anyway that she could participate. A couple days later on March 16 we visited her home. We sat with her, her mom and Pastor Guido in their yard and interviewed the family. She had briefly attended the University but could not afford to continue. Born on November 12, 1993, she lived with her mom, 3 sisters and brother in a very rural area with limited opportunities.

We decided to support her with $60 per month and she continued her studies. Our organization is proud to announce that after much determination and perseverance on her part…and thanks to the support of our donors…and a special thanks to Phil and Jan Newcomer who contributed generously to see her through the graduation process…Evelyn now is a college graduate with a law degree!

We spoke with her during our last trip in January 2020. She is actively seeking for employment in the city of Leon. Similar to her in the US…a degree is no guarantee of a job. But she has as much a chance as anyone else now and maybe a little bit of an edge because of her fighting spirit. One thing is certain…without a degree she would have zero chances of obtaining a job in the legal profession. Thanks again to everyone who helped to see her through to this victory.