2017 Mission Trip!!

” You start to recognize that there are people in this world who go without some of things you might take for granted every day –  solid education, job opportunities, support system, consistent care, food in the fridge, a fridge, a home, daily encouragement… For the first time you might realize that those things are not part of everyone’s story. And that’s one of the reasons mission trips can be so meaningful – because you get out of your everyday context and begin to better understand others. And a common, reaction to this new understanding is gratitude for the good things in life. ” 

Milagro Initiative  would like to thank every member of the team for the support and magnificent work.  A big thank you to:  Michael Bell, Paul Weber, Jay Polansky, Phil Garber,  Valerie Reinhart, Danita Neiss and Cyndi Garber.